Will Selling Cost You Money in Hudson Valley?


Has it occurred to you that it will cost you money to list your house?

There are fees and expenses to keep in mind.

You’ll have to put in money both when you list your house for sale and at the property’s closing.

A way to manage these expenses is to factor these costs into your listing price.

Golden Score Properties cites that, “Studies show that the average amount it takes to sell a house in the US is $15,200” (https://www.goldscoreproperties.com/blog/will-selling-cost-you-money-in-hudson-valley/).

Golden Score furthermore explains that:

Commissions will run about 6% of the final sale price of the home in Hudson Valley.

There may be agent fees put on your plate.

Including marketing and listing fees. 

To further expand on closing costs, these include transfer fees, title insurance, title search fees, recording fees, transfer taxes, appraisal costs, discount points, credit report fees, and perhaps more.

As far as taxes are concerned, you are responsible for property taxes, utilities, and homeowners insurance. So, the sooner you close the better so you don’t accrue expenses.

The last pieces to the expenses puzzle are making your house show-ready, having your home inspected, and storage and moving costs.

In conclusion: Will Selling Cost You Money in Hudson Valley?


Selling anywhere will cost you money, but there are other ways that cost far less and even more than that you can earn money above your sale price in certain situations.