How to Improve the Odds of Selling Your House


Staging your home is important! According to Dave Ramsey’s blog, 

“Staging a home to look its best has an effect on most buyers, according to 40% of buyers agents.

And guess what else?

More than half of all sellers agents said staging helps a home to sell faster” ( 

Staging helps a buyer visualize their lives in your home.

Most importantly that helps you in the bid of selling your house.

Keep in mind you must move the family photos out of view and schedule a play date for your animals.

Anything to make sure they won’t be home when it’s time for buyers to come investigates your house and try to envision them in your home.

Also, don’t lurk.

It’s creepy!

Leave a note with your favorite features you want your representative to relay on your behalf.

On the same wavelength, make sure the pictures you are posting of your house are showing your home at their best.

This may be a good time to spend the money on a professional photographer.

This is really important because “that nearly all buyers (93%) go online during their home search (Ramsey Blog).”

Another factor of why your home is not selling is that the price is just too high.

You must price based on facts and data, not your heart.

Get realistic comparables from your neighborhood. 

Lastly, find a person that is good at what they do to help you sell your home and keep it honest.

Don’t sugarcoat the flaws of your home, this will build rapport with your buyer.