Are You Looking to Sell?

Looking to sell Your Home?

Are you looking to sell?

Are you stuck in a home that you can't afford or have to move and are now tasked with the prospect of paying for two mortgages?

Is selling your property quickly for the full asking price your goal?

We here at Pink Home Solutions understand your situation and are excited for the chance to help you.

We understand all circumstances and situations and have become the national leader in flexible selling situations. We are not Agent Brokers who have rigid terms and minimal solutions. We are a national Real Estate Investment Firm with over 150 years of combined experience in non-traditional Real Estate sales and acquisitions.

We have seen it all and have developed solutions for just about every circumstance under the sun.

Are you in a great position to sell, but the thought of real estate commissions make you cringe?

Are you needing to sell but don't think you have enough equity?

Maybe you're just looking to find your home's value, and your thinking over the prospect of selling?

We are here to help see what PINK can do for you!

We would first and foremost like for you to get to know us a little better. Pink Home Solutions in association with Little Pink Houses of America™ is a Real estate Investment form with over 100 affiliates across North America. We have a dedicated leadership team that brings more than 150 years of combined experience to the table. We are revolutionizing the way people buy and sell homes all across North America.

Our company is purpose-driven, and that purpose is ... We Create Homeowners! When we succeed in this purpose, we create win-win-win transactions, and that is what we strive for in each-and-every deal we do.

So, how can we help you today?

Let's dive into some of those solutions we have to offer you. The first solution I want to share with you is our Executive Lease Purchase.

What's an Executive Lease Purchase?

An Executive Lease Purchase is a simple agreement where Pink Home Solutions agrees to purchase your home at a specific price, and then we take your home to our market of buyers. Once one of our buyers is identified as an excellent fit for your home, we then sell our buyer the home and a structured purchase agreement.

Why Would You Do That?

Great question, we know it sounds a bit unorthodox, and it is but, it gives you the ability to get the most exposure for your home and get you the largest return on the sale of your home.

For instance, if you were to list your home with an agent, your home will be marketed to "pre-qualified buyers" working with agents within the MLS. Agents only show homes to a buyer with pre-qualifications as they should. However, we have learned that many great people can afford your home and would love to purchase it, but they don't qualify for a mortgage today.

The Question Became How to Bridge This Gap?

You're a seller who wants to sell a great home, and there are many buyers out there that need time but have everything else. The executive Lease Purchase is the perfect bridge.

How Does It Make You More Money?

Our buyers need time to get mortgage-ready, and for that time, they are willing to make many investments into their ability to purchase your home— those investments they make benefit you financially.

Let's Review

Our buyers are put through underwriting just as any qualified buyer would be, with the simple understanding that they won't qualify today.

Instead of telling the buyer, you are denied, we ask the lender what needs to be corrected and how long will it take?

Once we have that information, a third party builds our buyers a blueprint to mortgage readiness. This information is shared with you, the seller, in a formal offer when we present to you our buyer.

Our buyer will put down a substantial down payment and will get a dollar-for-dollar credit toward the purchase price of your home. This down payment binds them to the purchase of the home... nothing mitigates risk like cash.

We will then structure a simple Lease Purchase buying agreement between yourself and the buyer. This agreement will have a predetermined price and timeframe.

The buyer will make payments every month that will not be credited from the purchase price; those payments will go directly to you, the seller. These payments are profit above your selling price.

On the average $350,000 house, these payments accumulate into a substantial profit at $350,000.

You would typically see an additional $20,000 profit for your time investment into the sale of your home!

Our Executive Lease Purchase program is the most innovative way to make your house work for you and get a big payoff in the end.

Another huge benefit is the savings involved for you.

You won't pay a penny in commissions and, we will never ask you to contribute to buyer's closings costs!

That savings alone could be as much as 6%-12%, depending on your selling situation.

If you like to save money and make your asset work for you while earning the most profitable sale in the market today, you should call us today for a No-Obligation PINKValue® on your home.

We will cover this program in great detail and get you an accurate market evaluation of your home and build you a custom sales plan.

Maybe that doesn't interest you?

Maybe you need a quick cash-out sale and something a little more conventional?

No worries, we have those solutions too!

We have a conventional sales team ready to take all the hassle of trying to list or sell For Sale by Owner off your plate.

When you sell, you have a lot to think about...

What about market your home?

How do you get maximum exposure, maybe a realtor?

That seems too expensive, so perhaps you try FSBO, but you're not gaining traction!

Pink Home Solutions is positioned to relieve you of all that stress. We work with qualified buyers every day, and we can place your home into our inventory and then expose your home to the masses.

Our in-house marketing specialists will advertise your home beautifully, attracting a qualified buyer while saving you all of those realtor fees and commissions!

If you're thinking of selling your house, do yourself a vast favor and give us a call and let us review your house and give you our educated opinion on what your best sale strategy should be.

We look forward to hearing from you