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Pink Home Solutions is a Little Pink Houses of America™ Affiliate

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A Road Map to Solutions

You have options when it comes to selling your home, but your neighborhood realtor isn’t going to tell you about them. Whether you are buying or selling your home, we have more options than the traditional real estate market can offer you.

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Find Your Home's PINKValue®

When selling your home, the number one question most people have is, "what is my home worth?" Here at Pink Home Solutions, we are dedicated to getting the highest and best results for our sellers. Our sales solutions bring you 10% or more profits!

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Seamless Sales Process

Whether you are buying or selling, we want it to be easy for you. We are not hard salespeople. We're easy to work with. Our goal is to deliver you an informed, educated opinion on your buying or selling process and gives you an option that delivers a win-win-win outcome!

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Sell Your House Without The Headache

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Who We Are


Pink Home Solutions is an affiliate of Little Pink Houses of America™, Serving Broward County. We know when it comes to real estate, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Markets change constantly, people's needs change, and we pride ourselves on delivering very flexible solutions to accommodate the ever-changing real estate market.

Our company is on a very specific mission to create 10,000 new homeowners by the year 2025. We only achieve that goal by working with great people and delivering an amazing service.


Hear From Our Clients

Holly Klune

"I had really great experience with Little Pink Houses of America. Once we gave them the go-ahead to list my house they were able to find a buyer in a short period of time. After thoroughly checking out the buyer to make sure they were the right buyer for our house, they did all negotiations, contracts & paperwork which was really nice. All that was done right away and they really made sure the buyer and the sellers (myself) were happy. Our buyers put a good amount down as a down payment and then rented our house for about 5-6 months until their funding came through. What I really liked was the rent that was paid by the buyer did not go towards the sales price/ paying down the loan. It went directly to us. When the sale was finalized we received the amount we agreed upon for the sales price minus the deposit (since the deposit was already given to us before the buyers moved in). Also, another perk was our buyers paid all closing costs during closing. The team at Little Pink Houses communicated very well and really made sure that everything went smoothly during the final paperwork/ closing. I am very happy we went with little pink houses. We definitely saved a lot more money on the sale of the house by going with them. Thank you Little Pink Houses for all your help in making it easy to sell our house and save money."

Jay Stevens

Little Pink (and Scott) helped us get into our house that we absolutely love when we were certain we'd never be able to. They helped us out every step of the way from the very beginning all the way through to closing (they even helped SAVE the closing at the very last minute).

Rennette Dasher

"At the beginning of the process, I was definitely a bit weary. However, Scott answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable with the process. Things may have taken a little longer than I anticipated, due to hiccups on the buyer's end, but everything seemed to work itself out. I was very grateful for Lori's timely responses to all of my concerns. I must say, Pink Houses is a trustworthy company and very fair."

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Are You Looking to Sell?

Looking to sell Your Home?

Are you looking to sell? Are you stuck in a home that you can’t afford or have to move and are now tasked with the prospect of paying for two mortgages? Is selling your property quickly for the full asking price your goal? We here at Pink Home Solutions understand your situation and are excited for the…

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How to Improve the Odds of Selling Your House


Staging your home is important! According to Dave Ramsey’s blog,  “Staging a home to look its best has an effect on most buyers, according to 40% of buyers agents. And guess what else? More than half of all sellers agents said staging helps a home to sell faster” (  Staging helps a buyer visualize their…

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Why For Sale by Owner is a Bad Idea


If you’re trying to sell your property yourself to a retail buyer, you’re in for a challenging ride. When you choose to go the For Sale By Owner route it’s likely you’ll encounter a few (if not all) of these issues: The Long Wait It’s often the case that you won’t be able to finance…

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3 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scoring

While credit repair does take time, there are a few actions you can take right now to improve your score. 1. Check Your Credit Report Credit repair begins with your credit report. If you choose to have a free credit consultation with us, that’s where we’ll begin. If you haven’t already, request a copy of…

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We’re experienced real estate professionals who sell property across the nation with the primary intent of creating positive outcomes for people in predicaments.

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